Magical Royalty Entertainment provides the ultimate magical experience for Birthday Parties, Events, Live entertainment & much more!

Let our Princesses mesmerize you with their enchanting voices 

 Superheroes demonstrate their heroic powers 

let our Fairies spread pixie dust love 

Arrgghhhh... let our Pirates show you the way 

to an awesome and memorable day!

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised, the characters that we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. Any resemblance to known copyrighted characters is strictly incidental and unintentional. We have no affiliation with theme parks, cartoons or publishing businesses. 

  • 20 Happy Ending0:00
  • 03 For the First Time in Forever0:00
  • 06 When Will My Life Begin_ (Instrum2:29
  • 01 I See the Light (Instrumental)3:44